BiiTOPS Changes

For Windows Admin Center

What is it?

BiitOps Changes for Windows Admin Center gives you insight into all changes to configuration settings on your Windows Servers.  

The BiitOps Changes extension enables you to quickly and cost-effectively determine changes which cause issues related to compliance, reliability and security.

It will show precisely what is new, what is changed and what has been deleted in a single-pane-of-glass. It works on both servers and selected services in Microsoft Windows server.

Use the BiitOps Changes Extension for change control and troubleshooting purposes.


The 100% non-intrusive BiitOps Data Collection Agent will be installed on all servers, and BiitOps Solution then automatically collects, compares and stores all changes for easy access in a BiitOps instance, delivered and maintained as a Docker container infrastructure within your datacenter.

Automatically maintain new versions of the data collection agents and update core functionality by installing a new version of the container.

The BiitOps Changes Extension allows you to select a date range and drill-down into the Performance, Security or Update related changes and tell what and when it was changed.

It will show precisely what is new, what is changed and what has been deleted in the timeframe chosen by the user.


Take a tour (87 secs)

See a video of how a Windows Server Admin discovers a critical firewall change.

See how easy you can drill down into all the changes which have occurred enabling you to quickly get an overview of important changes.

Use the intuitive query screen with parameter selection to easily find and display important changes.

Drill down and see specific areas, such as roles and features, and see when a role was installed, check when a virtual disk was created, and also see when a host file was edited.



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