Business Intelligence for IT

with BiitOps

BiitOps will help manage your Datacenters more effectively, by enabling the use of traditional Business Intelligence techniques with a well-structured DataStream, offering BI for IT Operations.

Why you need BiitOps

The number of critical components and the complexity of IT infrastructure increases rapidly, increasing the need for insights. Typically, configuration management solutions do not offer sufficient insight into and overview of the changes to infrastructure. BiitOps is designed to identify, track, and compare server and service changes.

Doing business in a dynamic, ever-changing world, organizations are subject to a constant flow of regulations regarding data and infrastructure. Compliance is by no means static and requires a high degree of control in order to fulfill the regulations and demands for documentation.

With the increasing complexity of datacenters, rapid changing infrastructural threats, and demand for quick adjustments, achieving a state of infrastructural security requires a high level of anticipation and proactivity. Keeping track of infrastructural changes helps maintain uniform server configurations and a higher level of security. 

Businesses constantly strive to increase quality, effectivity, and rentability of IT management. In order to reach these goals automatization of processes is required. The ultimate foundation for automatization is data collection, processing, and analysis.



What can BiitOps do for you and your business?

  • Discover and display server and service configuration changes making it possible to quickly discover potential causes of a breakdown or performance decrease
  • Improve accuracy of the software asset inventory to nearly 100% enabling cost savings by identifying potential service consolidations
  • Facilitate a standardized IT environment to support an effective change process while minimizing risks to IT Operations
  • Automate and structure collection of configuration data to reduce manual workloads and enable better utilization of human resources in the IT department


Can you afford not to use BiitOps?

How much time is spent documenting changes made to software, hardware, and system configurations? And does the current level of documentation satisfy the company requirements and government legislation? BiitOps automatically collects well structured data and provides configuration insight, thus saving costs on documentation and ensuring information is always up to date.

How much time is spent analysing errors in case of a breakdown? And how high is the cost of downtime during system failure? BiitOps  will keep track of changes to configurations making it easier to maintain stability and reduce the risk of system failure or performance degradation. The insight further ensures faster root cause analysis, in case of a breakdown.

Do you have an up to date overview of all your IT assets, licenses, and infrastructure in general? In order to remain in control of an IT environment and potentially reduce cost, it is crucial to have accurate and updated information available at all times. BiitOps guarantees accurate and current insights into configuration data and software assets.

Is your CMDB up to date? How often is it maintained? BiitOps offers the opportunity to automatically keep the CMDB updated through connectors to ITSM systems, thus, saving time and costs of manually keeping Configuration Items up to date while at the same time improving accuracy.




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