Get next level insights with BiitOps

Use BiitOps if you want to:

  • Change your IT strategy from "wait and see" to "predict and prevent"

  • Strengthen your continuity and compliance
    in IT operations

  • Future-proof your IT management

Work smarter with BiitOps

Our unique BiitOps DataEngine collects and structures data to help you maintain operational continuity, compliance and security.

Our solutions turn data into knowledge through business intelligence standard-tools or customized visualizations and we offer valuable integrations directly into your IT systems.

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of servers, clients, services, updates,

rights, and IT systems


into hardware, software, configurations,

issues and changes



that no unpleasant surprises are hiding

in your IT infrastructure

What clients say

Johnny W. Schmuck

Operations Manager at IT-Center Syd

"BiitOps offers a first-class product that brings important documentation and in 2021, thanks to the overview and insight from BiitOps we had a 12% saving on Microsoft SQL licenses. From day one, the cooperation with BiitOps has been characterized by great flexibility and trust."

Haakon Svendsen

CTO at Braathe Gruppen Norway

"BiitOps delivers an agent that behaves well, and their solution is unique and the only one being so complete. BiitOps gives us overview over valuable data and thereby security in our IT management."

The 3 pillars of BiitOps

Three different types of dashboards

Current State Dashboards

visualize aggregated data and serve as operational tools to identify crucial issues, so they can be efficiently mitigated before becoming incidents.

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Historic State Dashboards

provide insights into previous configuration states and state changes. Knowledge about the past helps to understand the present and plan the future.

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Desired State Dashboards

serve as a compliance bridge between Management and IT Operational teams, allowing for continuous verification of server, client and service configurations against the desired state.

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BiitOps is a software company that has specialized in translating data into knowledge and insights. We have developed a unique software solution that works across even the most complicated and comprehensive IT landscapes, and we offer crucial business intelligence for IT operations in a field of ever-increasing complexity.

Michael Busack Bertelsen

Founder and CEO

Jonas Errebo


Patricia Garber

Branding and Communications


Lead by founder and CEO Michael Busack Bertelsen, BiitOps has a curious and analytic approach to data.

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