The source for insight

BiitOps DataEngine and Insights are build by professionals for professionals in close collaboration with IT Admins and IT Management, and scalability, security and reliability is build into the core of the solution.

Whether you have 5, 500 or 5.000 servers – BiitOps DataEngine is designed for performance. Only changes in the infrastructure is stored every time the Data Collection is run.

Use BiitOps Insights if you:

  • Require an overview of configuration settings across all clients and servers?
  • Have the need for an up-to-date software asset inventory?
  • Need to know which User Accounts are running your services, and with which privileges?



BiitOps DataEngine will collect all relevant asset and configuration data from your Windows Server, Cluster and Client environments whether on-premise or hosted with an external provider. BiitOps Insights gives you the entire overview of servers in simple to use PowerBI based dashboards.

  • Current State Dashboards provides an always up date date view of any area of interest.
  • Historic State Dashboards provides a unique and detailed view of past changes
  • Desired States Dashboards provides a continuous compliance validation of existing and new clients and servers using customizable controls

Use BiitOps DataEngine as the source when maintaining your always up-to-date overview of the entire Microsoft Infrastructure.

BiitOps DataEngine exposes data through a high performance REST API, allowing you to use BiitOps Insight Dashboards and at the same time pull the same data into your own solutions, such as PowerShell automations and ITSM software.



The solution consists of 3 elements:

  • The BiitOps DataEngine Instance responsible for collecting, comparing and storing data
  • The BiitOps DataEngine Collection Agent installed on all clients and servers
  • The BiitOps REST API exposing data in JSON or Tabular formats to BiitOps Insights dashboards or third-party solutions.

The BiitOps DataEngine, can be installed on any Windows Server version currently supported by Microsoft, and requires a Microsoft SQL database running standard or Enterprise edition.

The BiitOps DataEngine Collection Agent runs as a Windows Service on any Windows Server or Client currently supported by Microsoft. Data collection is automatically scheduled and controlled centrally by the DataEngine Instance, and the Collection Agent runs as a self-maintaining solution, with no manual maintenance required. 

The BiitOps REST API is build on Swagger Platform, ensure high performance for data access.



Security is a key pillar in the Architecture of the BiitOps solution infrastructure.

  • Data is encrypted by the DataEngine Collection Agent when collected on servers and clients
  • All communication between the BiitOps DataEngine Collection Agent and the BiitOps DataEngine Instance is encrypted.
  • Communication between BiitOps DataEngine Collection Agent and the BiitOps DataEngine Instance is always initiated by the agent.
  • Data remains encrypted while stored within the BiitOps DataEngine Instance, and is only decrypted during access through the BiitOps REST API

In other words, security is an absolute priority in the design and development of entire BiitOps Solution, and data is always encrypted in both transit and at rest.

Windows Server Compliance




      • Ready to-go BiitOps Insights Dashboards build on Microsoft PowerBi
      • Structured data through standardized Rest API
      • PowerShell integration with easy to use Samples
      • Dynamic Excel sheets using PowerQuery for data refresh
      • Self maintaining Data Collection Agent
      • Fully automated Data Collection Infrastructure.