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BiitOps Analytics is build by professionals for professionals in close collaboration with IT Admins and IT Management, and scalability, security and reliability is build into the core of the solution.

Whether you have 5, 500 or 5.000 servers – BiitOps Analytics is designed for performance. Only changes in the infrastructure is stored every time the Data Collection Agent is run. Never is the full configuration stored – only the changes making the solution able to handle a vast amount of participating servers.

Use BiitOps Analytics if you want to:

  • Require an overview of configuration settings across all servers in one tool?
  • Know which software is installed on all servers in a fast and efficient way?
  • Get insight in which Accounts runs your services, to become compliant and secure?

This and a lot more is what you get!


BiitOps Analytics deep dives into any Windows Server environment whether on-premise or hosted with an external provider. BiitOps Analytics collect data across clusters and gives the entire overview of servers in one tool. Whether it be assets, roles, role services, features or applications BiitOps Analyticsautomatically collects configuration settings across servers.

BiitOps Analytics correlate, store and structure your data in a nicely ordered manner, which allows you to monitor and analyze all configuration settings and track changes on servers, in one simple tool from a central repository.

Use BiitOps Analytics as the source to maintain an automatically updated overview of your entire Microsoft Infrastructure.

BiitOps Analytics expose data via REST API integrating repository data.


The solution consists of 3 elements:
1) A BiitOps Analytics Backend collecting and comparing data
2) A Data Collection Agent installed on monitored servers
3) A REST API making the data available for integration purposes

The BiitOps Analytics Backend, installed on a Microsoft Windows Server, collects and stores configuration data from participating servers. It compares the data from the latest collection run and stores the data in a central repository. The setup is easy and wizard based.

The Data Collection Agent runs on participating servers at a predefined time interval. The agent scans configuration data - encrypts and sends new data and delta of changes to the BiitOps Analytics Backend

The BiitOps REST API makes the data available for custumized reports in e.g. PoweBI and partner solutions like the ITSM integration modules for ServiceNow and similar solutions.


Security is a key pillar in the Architecture of the BiitOps solution infrastructure.

  • Data is encrypted by the Data Collection Agent when collected on servers
  • All communication between Data Collection Agents and the BiitOps Backend Solution is encrypted.
  • Communication between Data Collection Agents and the BiitOps Backend Solution is always initiated by the agent.
  • Data remains encrypted while stored within the BiitOps Backend Solution, and only decrypted during access thru the REST API

In other words, BiitOps Analytics is developed with security as an absolute first priority, and data is always encrypted in both transit and at rest.

BiitOps Analytics for Windows Server

BiitOps delivers affordable and instant value, with a flexible license model that matches your current and future ambitions and needs. Install our infrastructure and gain instant access to the structured data source ranging from basic- to premium data, and pricing which matches the business value at a competitive price point.





  • Reporting capability ⤡
  • Reporting capability ⤡
  • Reporting capability ⤡

Inventory Data stream

All basic reporting +
Changes Data Stream

All basic and standard reporting +
Changes Data Stream
Measure Data Stream
Compliance Data stream

  • Configuration data ⤡
  • Configuration data ⤡
  • Configuration data ⤡

Windows Server Basic Hardware Assets
Windows Server Software Assets
Windows Server Updates
Windows Server Basic Network Configurations

All Basic configuration data +
- Hardware Devices and Drivers
- Services and Scheduled Tasks
- Windows Firewall
- Certificates

All Basic and Standard configuration data +
Generic Datacollection Modules, incl.
- Generic Registry Datacollection
- Generic Files and Folders Data collection
- Generic WMI Data collection

  • Windows Roles ⤡
  • Windows Roles ⤡

Windows Server Services, incl.
- DNS Service
- DHCP Service
- Hyper-V Service

All standard roles and features +
Windows File server, incl
- Share level permissions
- Full folder traverse permissions
- DACLs and SACLs

  • Users and security ⤡
  • Users and security ⤡

Windows Security, incl.
User Logon Tracking
Local Admin Group Members

All standard user and security +
Forest level configurations
Domain Users, Computers and Groups
Group Policies

  • Custom Data Collection modules ⤡
  • Custom Data Collection modules ⤡

Supports customized data collection
for standard data and features

Support for customized solutions
enabling all data and features

  • Global and cluster services ⤡

HCI - Failover Clustering, incl.
- Storage Spaces and S2d configurations
- Clustered Virtual Machines

Active Directory, incl.
- Forest level configurations
- Domain Users, Computers and Groups
- Group Policies

Subscription includes

  • Fully automated Data Collection Infrastructure.
  • Structured data access through standardized Rest API
  • PowerBI and PowerShell Samples
  • PowerQuery based Excel Templates
  • Self maintaining Data Collection Agents

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