Identify and troubleshoot
server changes in minutes

Save hours or even days due to:

  • Simple graphical interface
  • Only relevant data shown
  • Everything in one screen 


Easy deployment

Deploys via Docker hub
in a few simple steps

Easy configuration

Automatically configures
to your server infrastructure

Easy troubleshooting

Pinpoints server issues
faster than ever before


Developed by experienced IT admins in collaboration with Microsoft, BiitOps Changes for Windows Admin Center is developed specifically for IT admins managing more than just a few servers.

By pinpointing changes made to servers or services, getting a complete overview is reduced from time-consuming examination of full server logs to being accessible through a quick glance at the single-screen graphical overview.

An extremely powerful, yet very simple solution, BiitOps Changes for Windows Admin Center will thus save IT admins countless hours over the span of a year.


The solution consists of 2 elements:

1) A BiitOps Solutions backend collecting and comparing data

2) A Windows Admin Center extension visualizing data

The BiitOps Solutions backend, installed on a clean Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or later, collects and stores configuration changes. The backend solution is configured through a simple configuration utility and deployed as Docker Containers. A turnkey appliance. Configuration Change data is collected automatically on every server using a state-of-the-art Data Collection Service

The Windows Admin Center extension provides an intuitive graphical overview of the configuration changes while also letting IT admins drill-down on details when needed.


Security is a key pillar in the Architecture of the BiitOps solution infrastructure.

  • Data is encrypted by the Data Collection Agent when collected on servers
  • All communication between Data Collection Agents and the BiitOps Backend Solution is encrypted.
  • Communication between Data Collection Agents and the BiitOps Backend Solution is always initiated by the agent.
  • Data remains encrypted while stored within the BiitOps Backend Solution, and only decrypted during access thru the BiitOps Changes Extension in Windows Admin Center.

In other words, BiitOps Changes is developed with security as an absolute first priority, and data is always encrypted in both transit and at rest.

Why BiitOps Changes


Without BiitOps Changes

With BiitOps Changes

General overview

- Full text logs

+ Changes only, shown visually

Troubleshoot detail

- Complex cross-referral

+ Details in one click

Troubleshooting categories

- Everything clumped together

+ Performance, Security and Update tabs

Time spent identifying changes

- Hours to days

+ Minutes


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